Welcome to Lawyerica - open source lawyer directory

We are a distributed team of data miners and developers who work on creating a comprehensive global lawyer directory.

Our aim is to provide an easy way to search through the database of lawyers from all over the world. In addition to traditional search by location we also provide a way to search through the directory by jurisdiction, practice area, school, association or award. This way we're providing a versatile approach to finding your advocate, attorney, councelor, barrister or solicitor.

We're gathering information from different online sources of information. Thus the main problem is data refactoring and normalization. We're working hard on delivering information about lawyers in the most usable form.

As an open source project we're open to changes and suggestions you might have as a laywer or user. Please let us know at info@lawyerica.com if you have any requests, suggestions or new listings to add.